Fair Trade meeting

October 22, 2008


Taken from Oxfam website but recorded just in case it gtes taken down!

Split into 3 groups – Birtish Sugar Beet farmers, Mexican Sugar Cane farmers and sweetie manufacturers.  EAch has some equipment (felt tips, scisors etc) but cane farmers have not quite enough, beet farmers have only just enough and sweetie people hvae more than they need plus small pictures of their produce to cut out, colour in and sell to leader at the “bank”,  cane farmers get £1 for 10 items, beet farmers get £1 for 5 items, sweetie people get £20 for 5.   Discuss how fair or otherwise the payment system is!

Charlie and Lola’s Chocolate book – mixed response, aparently it’s not cool to like C and L when you are nearly 7.

Fair Trade tasting!  Well….. they all agreed that the Divine FT milk chocolate was much nicer than their normal butty box choc!  Also they all liked the Geo Bars and orange juice.  I forget that most small children don’t like plain chocolate!  The adults enjoyed that though!

Extras – you could add a ball game with unequal sides or rules biased towards one team (idea from Oxfam I think)  We didn’t have time!


Things that have worked well…

July 7, 2008

Parachute games – need to spend a bit of time marking games in the book to add a bit of variety but these are always popular!

Petty Pool visit – need to make a “proforma” G/O just for this so I can just change the date every time, must include permission to use aerial runway, adventure playground, nature walk.  Also must include, parents to ensure child has drink, snack, clothing suited to the weather and sunscreen in summer.  Would be useful to add a note to request that parents group together to keep traffic on the drive to a minimum.

Buses – we did St George (must put story into a file)  Need to make up a few more silly stories to keep in the file for games.

Sports day – sack races, wheelbarrow races, you know the sort of thing

Icing and decorating buns

simple sewing kits like glove puppets from Baker Ross

Recycling symbols game (find the right symbol to match the item of rubbish you have in order to reduce the amount of waste in the bin)

Blindfold sandwich making

“Sunshine drink” (fruit juice and lemonade)

curly snake style mobiles – next time get stiffer paper or even try the laminator idea as the snakes ripped alarmingly easily

general arts and crafts


anything involving running about

anything involving food

blind night

April 21, 2008

blindfold the girls and get them to pour a drink, make a sandwich sort washing by coloured buttons.  one sighted girl guides a blindfolded one round an “obstacle course” safely then swaps.  Talk about how it feels and what kinds of difficulties a blind girl may have in everyday life


February 23, 2008

THINKING DAY – Special Guiding and Scouting day when leaders worldwide
wonder why they are spending more than an hour a week on somebody

WAGGGS – What leaders do with their index fingers to girls that are

BADGE – A small, round patch on a girl’s sash that she can’t remember
she did to get.

BROWNIE – Short girl in brown outfit, which is either 2 sizes too big
or 1
size too small.

INVESTITURE /RENEW PROMISE – Ceremony in which girl forgets her promise
after practicing it at least 25 times that afternoon

PATREO – Group of 6 – 8 girls who used to be best friends.

QUITE SIGN – Hand signal invented by leader with laryngitis.

SERVICE TEAM – Group of adults that muddles along trying to convince
everyone else they are great administrators.

UNIT – Large group of girls dedicated to making leader insane.


colouring pages for different countries

November 13, 2007


Advent countdown chain

November 11, 2007

nice easy paper chain craft – add a tree at the top to stick the little pics onto each day for added value

Jump up

October 29, 2007

All the girls sit round in a circle.  The girl next to the leader jumps up, says her name and sits down.  As soon as she sits down the next girl jumps up and so on round the circle.  Try to go round as fast as possible so that the girls make a “Mexican Wave”

Ball Toss Name Game

October 29, 2007

Stand in a circle. Have each person say her name and have the group repeat her name. Start the game by tossing a bean bag, Kooschball, or Nerf Ball to one person in the group, saying her name as you throw the ball. That person then calls out the name of someone else in the group and tosses the ball to her. Continue playing until all the girls know each other’s names.

ETA – have done this with our group and it was slow to get going until we started doing a countdown from 5 as soon as each girl got the ball.  Then it got going and was qutie good fun.

Rainbow Mirrors

October 29, 2007

Have the girls pair off and face each other. Then call out different body parts (elbow, head, hand, etc.) Have them touch each other – elbow to elbow, head to head, and so on. Once they get the hang of it, you can speed it up to make it more exciting.

Being Thankful

October 29, 2007

Have each girl come up with two things that they are thankful for and bring a picture, item from home, or make a drawing to represent these things.  After each girl tells what they are thankful for have them put the item in a THANKS box or hang it on a large sheet of paper on the wall.
LEADER: We are here today to let one another know the things in our lives that we are thankful for everyday.
GIRLS: I am thankful for (have the girl put her items in the box or hang them on the poster).
After all girls have said what they are thankful for and placed the items in the THANKS box or on the poster, form a friendship circle and hold hands.  Have each girl then go around the circle and say…
GIRL: I am thankful for (the name of the person standing at her right)
LEADER: I am thankful for (all girls names).  Now everyone say the promise together.
Keep the THANKS poster and box throughout the year and let girls know that they can add items to it.  Take it out throughout the year to remind everyone of the things that they are thankful for in their lives.